Teaching program of the Chair


- Introduction : definition of scope, cultural and economic importance, reality of know-how, 
- Value chain and challenges : ecosystems, subcontractors, entrepreneurship, artisans, 
- Recruitment, development, 
- Points of tension,

 Visits & meetings in Companies and the Château de Versailles (workshops, factories, Museum) 

Creative process and Operations - product development, creation, Logistics, production process. Visits to Champagne, the Château de Versailles, partner Workshops and Maisons d’Art
 The activities of the chair extend over 2 terms (T2, seminar), and a project that may continue until the end of June (T3). 

ATTENTION: Please make sure to keep free all Tuesdays for T2 and T3 as well as the April Intensive Week and the week for the Study Trip planned at the end of June.

Corporate Project (Field Project in T2-T3): As part of a team each student must complete a Final Project relating to the issues selected by our partners. 

Study trips for the year in T3 putting into perspective the management of know-how.

Intership required: A 6-month internship after the chair (July to December) may be completed at one of the partners based on their requirements. These internships deal with issues arising from the management of exceptional know-how.